Mowi Nutrition expansion to Poland

Second half 2021 Mowi Nutrition expands with a brand new salmon meal and salmon oil factory in Goleniow, Poland.

Later this year our brand new state of the art facility for production of salmon protein and salmon oil will open in Goleniow in the north-west of Poland. This factory will almost double our production of salmon protein and also be a significant increase in the production of food grade salmon oil.

Already Mowi is an important player in the salmon industry in Poland. Poland is one of the largest importers of Norwegian salmon and an important hub for smoking and value adding of salmon before it is sold all around the EU. From Mowi Poland's value adding operation Mowi Nutrition will receive large amounts of off-cuts, heads, backbones and trims from fresh salmon from Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe's.


ASC-certification is important for Mowi and a large amount of our salmon farms are holding ASC certifications. From Mowi Nutrition Goleniow we are looking forward to offering a lot of our customers ASC certified salmon meal and oil.


We started the construction of the facility in September last year, so the construction is almost finished and the installation of equipment has already started with an aim of having the factory ready for first production during summer and we hope to have the first audits in September.

If you believe this could be interesting for you, do not hesitate to contact us today to get all the updates and be the first to see our new facility.

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